Become a Volunteer

TWAAC could not run without our amazing volunteers. From buddies to instructors and program coordinators, TideWater provides a unique, rewarding and fun volunteer opportunity.

Specialized training will be provided to all volunteers, to ensure that everyone is as prepared to give the highest level of instruction possible.

What Volunteers Say:

"The parents make me feel like a superhero for getting the children to do even the smallest things because it's a huge accomplishment for their child."

"It helped me gain perspective."

"I wish I could do more."

"Developing personal relationships makes this so worthwhile."

"It makes me appreciate how lucky I am."

"Gave me the chance to learn skills I wouldn't otherwise have."

"I learned to adapt to constantly changing behavior and environment."

"I got to experience helping kids through the learning process."

Types of Volunteers

Ages 12 – 15. Buddies can participate in practice as peer models and assist at water safety events. Becoming a buddy is a great way to get involved in the program and learn more about becoming an instructor. Buddies are trained and expected to commit to the eight week seasonal session or to the specific event they have signed up for.

Age 15 and over. Tide Water Instructors have the opportunity to gain physical therapy, occupational therapy, and educational and play therapy experience through teaching adaptive swim lessons and running water safety activities. Instructors must take water safety course through TideWater and be lifeguard certified. Instructors are given training and asked to commit to the entire seasonal session.

Ages 17 and over. Coaches and Assistant Coaches will run adaptive swim practices and go to inclusion swim meets. Adaptive coaching provides a unique and positive experience, as well as an opportunity to expand into new communities. Coaches are asked to have previous instructional experience and USA Swimming experience is also preferred. Coaches will run groups with a small coach-to-swimmer ratio to ensure the highest quality swimming experience for both athletes and coaches.

Program Coordinator:
Ages 18 and over. Program Coordinators are responsible for maintaining a quality experience at all of our program locations, which includes recruiting and coordinating volunteers, ensuring open channels of communication with parents & caregivers and the TideWater Programs Director. We ask that Program Coordinators have previous swimming experience and managerial experience is preferred. Program coordinators will receive training to ensure the success of a satellite.

We are always looking for parents to become Water Watches, to help ensure the safety of all patrons at each location.  Water Watcher training can also come in handy to join a committee.