Starting a Program

Interesting in starting a program? TideWater Adaptive Aquatics Center currently offers two options to help expand locations and provide water safety resources to as many children as possible.  Both options are designed to best fit the needs of your facility, and have been developed to help ensure the successful start and development of your own adaptive aquatics program.

Satellite Option

TideWater Adaptive Aquatics Center works with you to rent pool time at your facility, coordinates volunteers, program coordinators, registration, and program fees. Insurance is run through the Center. Swimmers at your facility are able to enter your program after meeting specific guidelines. TideWater retains all fees collected in running the program.  This is a good option for those who don’t have a strong background in aquatics, however, we will need help developing a strong volunteer base.

 Satellite Benefits Include:

  • Great Way to Get a Program Started at your Facility

Member Chapter Option

TideWater Adaptive Aquatics Center comes to your facility and provides training for your instructors, program coordinator and facility coordinator. You pay a fee to become a member organization under our umbrella and are provided with resources to successfully run an adaptive lesson program and swim team. You are provided with guidelines for pricing, but ultimately it is the decision of the facility. Insurance is covered under your lesson program and USA Swim Team. You gain the potential to grow and become an inclusive lesson program, and swim team. This option is better suited to those with a strong aquatics background, hoping to add to an already developed program.

 Membership Benefits Include:

  • Lesson Manual Licensing
  • Ability to Apply for Funding
  • Access to Programming Resources
  • Discount on Training Updates
  • Listed as a Current Program on our Website
  • Access to Professional Network

There are benefits to opening either a satellite or a chapter; while either option is viable; it is ultimately your decision, which option is the best for your facility. We can help coordinate with you to ensure you have all the information you need to decide.